Joslon Ltd. is an innovation driven lifestyle Company which provides finest quality products produced from natural sources. The company manufactures mid to high-end quality leather goods only for export. Joslon has the capacity and integrity to make all types of leather goods and leather wear as per the customer’s requirement. We have only been focusing on providing quality craftsmanship to the international market. We are always aware of the need to create customer value by offering products and customer service that go beyond our customers' expectations.

The company has a reputation of recruiting and working with highly innovative and experienced individuals to ensure continuous development of the leather products to meet the demand of the foreign buyers. We make every effort to manufacture using materials and production methods suitable for each country.

Our manufacturing process begins by gathering raw materials at the source. The materials are handled with respect to be a partner of each customer to walk through their life. The leathers we work with come from LWG certified tannery with all other certifications.

Each product is made especially to move the hearts of our customers. They are made to last and be appreciated for many years.

We wish to share the beauty of diversity, peace and joy through our products.

“We believe design is not just about product, design is about responsibility”.


Company Name


Type of business

Manufacturing and Export

Legal Status

Private Limited Company

Year of Establishment


Contact Person

   Zayed Bin Karim

Managing Director  

[email protected]

Contact: +8801743018455

Factory Address

252, South Manda, Dhaka-1214, Bangladesh.

Corporate Office

51/1 VIP Road, 8th floor, VIP Tower, Naya Paltan, Dhaka-1000.

Number of Workers

60     /    JANUARY 2023


Production Capacity

Small Article: 10,000 pcs/month 

Big Articles: 8000 pcs/month 

Belts: 15,000 pcs/month

General Contact

                                         [email protected]

Factory Space

4200 sq ft