Joslon Limited. founded in 2018, is a change maker in the leather industry of  Bangladesh where every product is handmade using sustainable leather and ethically sourced textiles. 

Our continuous researching techniques ensures the best result in creating a diverse spectrum of raw materials. Every piece of material and trim is hand selected to confirm our utmost commitment to quality standards. We are always aware of the need to create customer value by offering products and services that go beyond our customer's expectation. 

 .We have captured the imagination of the world through our carefully curated design aesthetic and detail oriented craftsmanship. 





 The company has a reputation of recruiting and working with highly innovative and experienced individuals to ensure continuous development of the leather products to meet global demands. Through fair working conditions for employees, and a dedication to the betterment of our community, we are continually up skilling our young artisans ultimately making a positive impact in their lives, and within the industry. We believe that in order to develop and produce fine products, establishing a healthy working environment is necessary.



Each product is made especially to move the hearts of our customers. They are made to last and be appreciated for many years. We wish to share the beauty of diversity, peace and joy through our products. Our mission is to demonstrate the unlimited, yet undiscovered potential of leather sector of Bangladesh. On time delivery commitment and quality products are our main concerns which makes us stand out.


We regularly visit international Markets to collect feedbacks on our quality and product developments from R&D experts worldwide. This picture was taken in Berlin, Germany in 2019.


We visited MIPEL 115 in Milan, Italy to connect with European Buyers in 2019. Our development of new products and quality, continues.

Glimpse from Our Managing Director Mr Zayed Bin Karim collaborating with World Fair Trade Organization in Culemborg, Netherlands in 2022 to work towards a better and sustainable future of our company followed by ethical environmental production

We participating in Expo Riva Schuh, 8th Gardabags in Riva Del Garda, Italy with collaboration with Bangladesh EC4J Project.